Out-Patient or Haul-In

Over half our appointments occur at the clinic in Platteville. We handle everything from routine scheduled appointments to non-scheduled emergencies at the clinic. We have a heavy hydraulic chute, alley-ways, and accompanying holding pens to allow for safe handling of cattle. We prefer to see large or fractious cattle, particularly when processing bulls, here at the clinic.

We also have a llama/alpaca chute for convenient and safe handling of these animals during medical procedures.

Although it requires extra effort for you to transport animals to the clinic, it allows us to perform our services at the highest level of quality. At the clinic we have access to in-hospital laboratory analyzers, x-ray machine, ultrasound, microscope, an extended pharmacy, and our excellent veterinary technicians to help with treatment and handling the animals.

Ambulatory Service

Our ambulatory service covers a radius of approximately 20 miles from the clinic in Platteville, CO. Please see the map of our routine ambulatory servce area. Special consideration is given to new clients outside this range if there is a considerable amount of work to be done. We have mobile clinics with a portable chute, and the ability to perform on-farm surgery, medical therapy, radiographs, and ultrasound examinations.

In-Patient Service

In some cases, treatment of sick animals at home is not feasible. For this reason, we offer in-hospital overnight care. Most commonly, this is for critically ill animals that require intravenous fluids or intensive medical management.

Long-Distance Travel

We understand that may parts of Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska lack adequate large animal veterinary coverage. For this reason, we believe it is our responsibility to offer major veterinary services for under-served areas when possible. We are willing to travel throughout this area; however, trips must be planned six to eight weeks in advance so proper arrangements can be made. Standard hourly rates apply, and all travel expenses must be covered by the client(s).





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