Dr. Tim Thompson, DVM

Dr. Thompson has been one of the most respected vets in the Rocky Mountain area for... well, for a long, long time! As one would hope from any veterinarian, Dr. T stays up-to-date on latest research, protocols and techniques. He genuinely cares about the animals he treats, and understands the relationships of owners to their companion animals and their valuable livestock. Remarkably knowledgeable and experienced, kind, and dedicated. We're lucky to have him! (He's humble, too... so as soon as I can get him to list his credentials, I'll post them here. :)

Danielle Lammers

Danielle Started with Town & Country in April 2011 and quickly became a valuable member of our team. She has worked in the veterinary industry since 2002 and is working on getting her CVT certification. Danielle’s area of interest is cattle AI and she took an AI class through CSU & Genex in 2010. The other area she has a soft spot for is surgery. Danielle has been around the agriculture community for many years, starting as a child in 4-H. Danielle and her husband Cody have 2 dogs and are Colorado natives.

Judy Hauff

Information to come.

Peggy Ribbic

Information to come.


Information to come.



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